Your website is the digital reflection of your brand - one of the first things your customers see and interact with. As such, it needs to represent your business as best it can.

You may be wondering when exactly it is time for a revamp of your website’s design - or it may not have even crossed your mind! Redesigning your website can totally revitalise your business, so take a look at some key indicators that it is time to give your current website a facelift.

1. Time has passed

If you launched your site a few years ago and have not touched it much since, it is likely to be outdated both in terms of content and the design itself. Think of your Homepage like a shop window, you wouldn’t want to have the same thing showing all year around, it’s better to show off new and different products, services and messages.

How many times have you quickly left a website due to an outdated style, contrasting statements, broken links or simply because it looks and feels outdated? These sites are not only frustrating to manoeuvre, but are also harder to trust.

If your website is outdated, you could very well be turning a huge number of potential customers off as soon as they arrive at your (figurative) front door!

Redesigning your website out of date.png

2. Poor SEO performance

A poor SEO performance is another indicator that it may be time for a facelift for your website. Many new websites are designed with a search engine optimisation strategy in mind, and an older website will pale in comparison. SEO requirements have a tendency to change rapidly, so a five-year old site is unlikely to meet the latest criteria. 

Redesigning your website with easier navigation, optimised content and a clear, search engine-friendly structure in place could definitely help your website’s performance.

3. Not optimised for mobile

The use of mobiles, particularly smartphones, to access the internet and browse online is growing year on year. And search engines such as Google have even mentioned how important it is for a website to consider mobile users, in order for them to rank a website successfully.

A huge number of visitors to your website are now going to be mobile users, with many people preferring to scroll through websites on their phones or tablets as opposed to a desktop or PC. If your website isn’t responsive (i.e. accessible on devices of all sizes), you are instantly shutting out a huge percentage of potential customers visiting your website. 

Consider who your target audience is, and when and how they might browse your website. Also think about the audience who are accustomed to ‘dual screening’ – whereby mobile or tablets are used to browse at the same time as watching the television.

Website redesign optimised for mobile.png

4. High bounce rate/low conversions

There are occasions when a website is receiving traffic but very few people are looking around at the content, not browsing different pages, and there are minimal enquiries or leads coming through.

Your Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who land on your website and leave within a few seconds without doing anything else, such as scrolling down the page, clicking on a link or interacting with anything else on the page. 

This is a sure sign that your website is not enticing visitors to your site in the way that you want it to - and a huge indicator that a redesign should be on the cards.

5. Slow load time

Websites with a slow load time turn away customers, and this in turn has a negative impact on SEO performance. Consider how your pages are built, do you have huge images, videos or are your pages information heavy. There are many things that can contribute to a slow loading time for a website, and equally there are many things that can be done to overcome it.

A website redesign can massively help increase your website’s load time, boosting your rankings on search engines and ensuring visitors get to see your site in the first place!

Slow website loading speed.png

6. Company rebrand

Rebranding can do wonders for an older business, bringing a fresh look that you and your customers can get excited about. If you are undergoing a corporate rebrand, you need to back this up with a redesign of your current website to bring it into alignment with your new look and message.

Ultimate Creative specialises in website design and development, digital marketing and a host of online services tailored to each individual customer. To discuss redesigning your existing website today, simply get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Written by Stefan Crowe December of 2017