For those unlucky people who aren’t familiar with my face, I’m Lydia and I have had the pleasure of working with the Ultimate team as a digital marketing intern for almost four months now. Sadly, I will be moving onto a new position in the new year but want to express my gratitude to every member of the Ultimate team for their support, kindness and fundamentally giving me such a fantastic experience and the necessary knowledge to start a dream career in Marketing. At Ultimate, I have been exposed on so many levels to the inner workings of a thriving business, met with amazing clients and gained a real insight into digital marketing. Boy has it been a wonderful journey!

It’s funny to reflect how times have changed over the past few months...from when I first arrived at Ultimate and being overwhelmed by acronyms (SEO, PPC what on earth are those?) whilst agonising over excel formula. Nowadays I’m creating content for clients, assisting in the creation of PPC campaigns, writing briefs and helping to get materials together for winning pitches.

My copywriting duties at Ultimate have taught me information that I never expected to take on, ranging from how to install a walk-on glass floor, working out child maintenance payments and finally, the recovering time following tummy tuck surgery. The variety of subject-matter so far as content has been a bit baffling at times although it has given me a great insight into how working at Ultimate is certainly never dull. Ultimate’s clients are so varied and with such diverse needs meaning the team is provided with lots of excitement, not just because of our weekly bake-offs!


intern blog                                           Pictured: Lydia & Anna, Ultimate's in-house copywriter 


Highlights of my time at Ultimate


 intern blogThe real highlight of my time at Ultimate was attending my first website development workshop with Chester Zoo at the Oakfield which was really interesting as it involved discovering the goals and priorities of different stakeholders across the Zoo from the science and conservation team to commercial. Later I was tasked with consolidating all our learnings into a document ready for the team to draw up the initial site-map and start designing templates for Chester Zoo’s brand new site.


Moving outside of work opportunities, I loved bouncing around at the Manley Mere Aqua Park during my first week getting sodden and bonding with the rest of the team over ill-fitting wetsuits and sampling Ultimate's CEO Matt's homemade paella one lunchtime. It was great fun to join the team on their annual Christmas party at Australasia as Ultimate celebrated a year of successes by tucking into some stonkin’ food, I have to say the stone bass with lobster hollandaise was truly drool-worthy.  I even got some great driving practice when I offered to drive my manager and colleague to work one morning (despite being a learner driver), with my anxious grandma in tow. All passengers thankfully survived the exciting car-share experience and weren’t too traumatised by my jerky, nervous driving.

intern blog2

It’s definitely an emotional goodbye but not the end, I’m looking forward to catching up with the team soon and seeing all the amazing work Ultimate will be doing come 2019.

Written by Lydia Daniels December of 2018