Your brand new CBBC

It's hard to believe that the old logo, the recognisable green and black outline, was nearly 10 years old, and so maybe it was about time it was given a new lease of life and a bit of a face lift.

As they say quite honestly on the BBC blog their target audience, kids aged from 6 - 12, are leading the digital revolution with their use and adaptation of content across multiple devices, from social media to games and quizzes, and so their logo, and identity, has to be flexible enough that it can be easily recognised while being flexible enough to sit well across different media.

It is interesting to see that while their target audience is capped at 12, the BBC clearly recognise that certain programmes are watched by children entering their teens, and so it was essential to ensure that this secondary audience doesn't alienate or patronise these older viewers.

With a new arrangement of letters, fresh new colours and bolder messages on and around their website, it is clear that the BBC have taken this step seriously.

Knowing how crucial it is to capture the activity of your target audience, we can see that the BBC have taken on a much broader approach than simply 'a new logo'. An updated website shows a clear navigation of areas to connect with their audience, including games, quizzes and the all important episode catch up. It is easy to use, fun and promotes time on site at every click and turn. This only goes to further encourage their audience to spend longer on the site itself and, in turn, build a brand relationship offline with their TV programmes.

The BBC is often a 'go to' when it comes to web standards. Whether it be design or user experience and functionality, they clearly invest heavily into ensuring they are leading the way for websites to promote content and engagement with their publications.

What can we learn? From the main BBC website right through to the CBBC site, while the audience may irrelevant, the manner inwhich they clearly demonstrate their goals is admirable and dignified. They know what they want to gain, and we reckon it won't be long before they get it. Either way, we will definitely be keeping a close eye on how the new brand develops further.

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Written by Emma Puzylo March of 2016