Here are examples of how you can put your business at the forefront during Black Friday, whether you are a brick and mortar business offering products or services, or operate online. Everyone can benefit from the Black Friday weekend hysteria.

Create a Black Friday Email Campaign

Remember to segment your email campaign into multiple emails, with at least one aimed at existing customers in your CRM contact database and another aimed at potential customers. Potential customers are those people who have provided their email through a data gateway,   but have not signed up for your service or product and no money has been exchanged.

An email campaign sent to existing customers could offer them a promotional code, a free consultation, audit or introductory session as a reward for their loyalty. These rewards or contests can be extended into the week to encourage repeat business and customer engagement, to maximise leads during the Black Friday period. Emails aimed at potential customers may be more explanatory, pushing your brand values and mission statement to give people awareness of what your business is all about.


Perhaps these Black Friday email campaigns might not differ too much, however it’s essential to get your messaging right, to make sure it is relevant to the reader. The way you speak to an existing customer and a prospect will need to differ in order to be more meaningful and personalised.

Email campaigns don’t have to be particularly long, it’s necessary to realise that people are often short on time when scanning emails, on their mobile during their daily commute for example. The title and first few lines needs to be punchy to attract people’s attention as they’re browsing through a stream of promotional emails, that sadly often end up in spam box or deleted. You might want to speak to your design agency about creating attractive templates that are flexible, enabling you to edit the content and images for each individual campaign. Take a look at what times your audience is engaging with your online content on social media, this will give you an idea of when to send your emails out to maximise engagement.


Make sure your Website is Mobile-Friendly


Having a mobile responsive website is increasingly crucial in the current business climate.

Research indicates that two thirds of the UK population has a smartphone, and that most will use it for up to two hours a day on websites and social media channels. Failure to react to this user behaviour can be very detrimental to businesses. For this reason many companies are now designing their websites mobile-first, meaning they are highly optimised for mobile use, whilst still making an impact on desktop.

You will need to speak to your web development agency in order to make the necessary changes and to ensure that the load-time of your website landing pages are good. A great way to speed up load-time is by compressing high resolution images or opting for smaller size images. You also need to ensure that your website is mobile-responsive, so that you’re not limiting the content and information mobile-users can access. Ensure that the font is large enough to read easily and that your buttons are large enough for users to tap on their mobile devices, without having to pinch and zoom, this can be pain-staking for users and they will less likely to follow through on your CTAS (calls to action) to a contact form for example.

If your website is slow, difficult to read with convoluted elements and generally gives users a poor experience, they will get bored and move on, rather than converting by visiting your business or picking up the phone.

Team up with other Small Businesses

It can be really difficult to make your voice heard over the advertising blitz of corporate chains during Black Friday, but there are ways. Partner with other small businesses in your area and focus your efforts on a common goal: attracting new customers and gaining greater visibility. This can include everything from planning a joint event, splitting the cost of an advertising campaign, running a joint giveaway on social media or offering a package free gift.

Give back on Black Friday

Rather than following the crowds during this consumer-driven weekend, why not try the philanthropic approach by teaming up with a local charity, or night shelter by donating a percentage of profits. Alternatively depending on your business, you can incentivise customers to donate non-perishable food items or second-hand clothes and blankets by offering a discount or free gift with purchases, make sure you shout about your campaign on social media with a designated hashtag.



Acting on one or a combination of these helpful tips will help you to make sure you can make the most of Black Friday.

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Written by Lydia Daniels October of 2018