Wondering how you can take advantage of the annual Black Friday buzz and the surge in spending that comes with it? But Black Friday is not just for the big corporations, smaller businesses can get involved too with innovative marketing.

Below are some tips and ideas on how small businesses can reap the benefits of this event. It’s a fantastic idea to run smaller promotions, deals and giveaways not just to boost sales but also your brand’s visibility in the long-run.

Not all of these suggestions may be relevant to your business, however hopefully they will inspire you into being creative with your Black Friday marketing ideas.


  • Offer a Free Gift with Purchases - this is an excellent idea for if you want to get involved with Black Friday, but have a limited budget. The free gift can be offered by in-store businesses and e-commerce, when customers make a minimum spend purchase. This is a great way to improve your AOV and by carefully selecting your gift, a way to drive up GP.
  • Black Friday Giveaway- Giveaways can be run on both Facebook and Instagram. They are a great way of gaining more followers, collating email addresses from prospects and accessing new prospects as you encourage users to ‘tag a friend’ to win. Woobox is a fantastic tool on which to run this kind of promotion, just be sure to check the rules and regulations of your country prior to running it!
  • Use hashtags - If you use Twitter or Instagram for marketing purposes, remember to include hashtags in your posts. #blackfriday is the most popular. Apply this to all of your Twitter and instagram activities to drive potential customers to your store to make purchases.take-advantage-of-hashtags
  • Increase your Ad spend - During Black Friday weekend, advertisers will be spending far more than usual on paid ads. The cost per click will also be higher than usual. If you plan to advertise on Facebook, consider increasing your ad spend a few days before Black Friday. This will give the ad sufficient time to optimise for conversions, and allow you to adjust and tweak along the way before the big day.
  • Provide extra support and service to customers - Small businesses have the advantage of being able to offer more attention and personalised messages to potential customers. People are generally motivated by low prices, but they also like to feel valued. Offer extended support, a no-hassle refund policy, and other assurances that reduce the possibility of buyer’s anguish when things go wrong or those jeans don’t fit. Also, be prepared for more phone calls, live chats and emails coming through during this period.
  • Create a Black Friday Landing page - for your sale or offers on your website, with an internal link (this can be in the form of an image or banner) on the homepage. We recommend doing this as far in advance of Black Friday as possible, giving Google the opportunity to crawl the page.
  • Black Friday Gift guide- allow customers to find you during the holiday season. There are two ways you can create a gift-guide, either by creating a collection, or by writing a blog article. To create a collection, create a product tag with the same name. Then, go to all of the product pages that you want featured in this gift guide and add the title ‘Gifts for Crossfit Lovers’ tag. It’ll automatically populate to that collection. For an article, create a blog post or page. Creating an article for your gift guide is a little more work but can be a more effective SEO play.bfcm-giftguide


  • Black Friday Deal of the day - if you are offering a range of discounted items on your e-commerce site during the Black Friday weekend it’s a fantastic idea to highlight certain products. Make sure to offer a higher discount on these particular products For example, if you offer 40% off everything, then your Deal of the Hour could be 50% off or higher. Don’t forget to create a homepage banner for each deal and sharing each product post on all social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Black Friday Discounted services-  If you don’t sell a product, but rather a service this is an opportunity to offer discounts, book a blow-dry with 50% off, or 20% of a spa treatment. This will not only contribute to your sales during this weekend, but boost the chances that clients will revisit you in the future and become loyal customers.

    We hope you feel now ready for the big Black Friday promotional period! 

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Written by Lydia Daniels September of 2018