In April, Chester Zoo engaged with Ultimate to help them reposition their global conservation charity. Act for Wildlife, led by Chester Zoo, was first established 5 years ago. As the work the charity is doing around the world has grown and developed, the brand needed to reflect the scale of projects it is now tackling and add a sense of urgency to make a difference. In conservation this brand is a force to be reckoned with! 

Over the summer, Ultimate have been busy working in collaboration with the marketing team at Chester Zoo to develop a strong and active new brand direction using messaging and a tone of voice together with dramatic imagery to bring this brand personality to life. 

The launch for the new brand position has been joined together with a brand new digital platform that equally reflects the amazing work the charity is doing, drive vital donations and educate people into understanding the reality of how critical conservation is RIGHT NOW.

One of the first and critical brand assets that Ultimate have had the pleasure of creating is the brand awareness video. In 90 seconds, we have worked hard to quickly communicate what Act for Wildlife stand for and create an emotive reason to get involved and act now. 

We hope that you love the work we have done to elevate this brand.... Keep your eyes peeled as we have much more to reveal over the coming months. Even better, we hope we inspire you to ACT!

Take a look at the video on their Homepage here! 

Written by Charlotte Green September of 2016