Can it really be over a year ago when during our team strategy day on May 9th 2017, we got the call that our Creative Director, Lisa Leedham Birchall had given birth to her and Craig's baby boy Hugo! Fast forward 13 whirlwind months and she's back! Three weeks into the role, and Lisa is already blowing us away with her creative work, but more importantly, inspiring her team again, as if she never left.
Ultimate Design Team
During her maternity leave, Lisa remained in close contact, popping in every now and then to show off her gorgeous boy, even dressing him in a Santa hat so he could feature in our Christmas jingle!
While Lisa got to grips with motherhood, her team weren't left to their own devices, Anya Ellis was promoted to Lead Designer and she has certainly made her mark. With two new recruits to the design team and a new service offering in the shape of UX to get to grips with, Anya was thrown in at the deep end and we're delighted that she didn't float away! A few months in and the newbies had passed their initiation tests (they'd baked cakes, had a plank off with Amy and been beaten by Jon at ping pong) and were now part of our well oiled machine. Of course, this all happened due to the exceptional leadership and support Anya provided.
An example of the incredible success Anya has had this last year, is that she embraced our UX service offering, developed the process for executing it, empowered her team to deliver it, and now low and behold, we have been nominated for a Big Chip award for our work on the website for The Air Ambulance Service. 
So what happens now? We are delighted to report that Anya has been promoted again to Design Director and together Anya and Lisa have planned to work side by side to run the department, heading up the creative and digital elements of the design service respectively. Ultimate are so proud and delighted that we have these two incredibly talented woman - a powerhouse of creativity, drive and ambition leading the way at Ultimate. Go girls, we can't wait to see what you will achieve together.
Design Team

Written by Amy Townsend July of 2018