With every new year, new and exciting trends come along and throw the digital industry into wonderfully different directions. Design wise, in recent years a flat landscape approach has dominated the online space - but that’s about to change.

In 2018, you can expect to see a clash of retro and modern aesthetics - with minimalism still clinging on, but a much needed injection of vibrant, dynamic graphics moving in. Check out our top 5 creative design predictions below for what’s going to be trending in 2018 - and consider getting a head start now!


1. Responsive Logos

The importance of having a responsive website is greater than ever, with users online on devices with a huge range of sizes and functionality. With this, more brands have adapted their design, namely their logos, accordingly in order to fit this need for responsive mobile browsing.

Now, many big brands have a number of scalable logo graphics depending on what device you are using, creating a seamless, stylish user experience that is set to be a growing trend for brands from large to small next year.


2. Colour Transitions/Gradients

In 2017, we’ve seen a rise in popularity of transitional tones and gradients online, and this design trend is predicted to grow to new heights in 2018.

Next year’s colour transition trend will feature overlapping, vibrant colours smoothly installed into backgrounds for a modern look - a perfect fit for the single-page web design that is also predicted be trending in the new year.


3. 80s/90s Colour Schemes

Every year has a trending colour, from ocean blues appearing everywhere in 2016 to the now iconic ‘millennial pink’ in 2017. Next year, the creative industry will be taking inspiration from the 80s and 90s to inject an enormous splash of colour into the online world.

Expect vibrant hues and dazzling abstract patterns, for a fun, carefree feel - with an extra dose of nostalgia to really take that user experience up a notch.


4. Movement

Visuals are now just a big a part of any brand’s creative strategy, and in 2018 things are moving up a level with moving visuals in the form of GIFs, animated banners, logos and more taking the creative design world by storm.

Animated logos are creative, cool, and super modern - even now it’s easy to see why this trend is here to stay in 2018.


5. Custom Graphics

More and more, the online world is shaped by bright, attention-grabbing visuals, with copy to follow. That means unique custom graphics are set to be in even higher demand in 2018, with brands looking to cultivate a striking edge over their competition.

Move over stock images, custom-designed graphics and visuals are the must-have thing for creative branding in the new year!

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Written by Emma Puzylo January of 2018