Every single one of us is different. We are all affected and shaped by our own unique experiences: it’s part of what makes us who we are and shapes who we will become. We’re human, real, honest and charged with emotion. 

The exciting part is that the BEST brands out there are exactly the same. They can express themselves in any way they want to, because they know who they are. These brands have a clear understanding of their own identity and just like with people, that brings confidence. This means they can connect on a much more effective level to get their message across to you.


How It All Begins- The Brand Workshop

One of the most exciting parts of our job is the first part! It’s the kick off. We begin with a branding workshop (fact-finding mission) that opens up all kinds of conversations between us and you, and between you and your whole team. It’s the first time we get to collaborate, question, dig deep and really understand your brand and what it’s all about. 

  • What are you trying to do? 
  • What’s most important to you?
  • Where are you hoping we will take you? 

It may be that what you are already doing is working a treat. If so, you need to focus on keeping the level of creative output high and engaging, ensuring you’re set up for continued success. 

In most cases, what our clients do as a business is fantastic, well-loved and appreciated by those already in the know. But what if you need to widen the loop and connect with more people? This can happen to anyone, from the most unique and unusual brands to those in highly competitive and saturated markets who feel about as far from unique as is possible. You’re not alone.

Whoever you are, we set out to find that point of difference. What defines you? Like I said, no two people are the same and if you dig deep enough, it’s highly unlikely your brand is a carbon copy of anyone else’s.


Getting Comfortable With Talking To Strangers

Once we’ve gotten to know you and your brand in the workshop, we can start to think about language and messaging. When it comes to branding, everyone needs to be singing from the same hymn sheet. 

We all find it easier to communicate when we’re talking to people we know. Compare how you feel talking to a group of your closest friends versus a room full of new and unfamiliar faces. That latter situation can feel a lot more daunting and uncomfortable. Now think about your brand. Is it just people who are already familiar with your brand who need to be able to connect to and engage with it, or should anyone who comes into contact with the brand be able to understand what you’re offering and why you’re different? Everyone needs to feel motivated and inspired by your brand. 

Of course, that’s easier said than done. When you’re talking to people who already understand your brand it’s so much easier to talk in a way that feels right. 

Our clients often eat, sleep and breathe what they do. As true perfectionists and dedicated professionals (even the super cool ones), they’re so close to their business that they sometimes find it hard to determine what everyone else will find interesting and engaging. That’s a problem because as soon as the audience doesn’t connect with and understand a brand, they’ll simply tune it out. You might still be speaking, but they aren’t listening. 

It’s Ultimate’s job to produce creative that doesn’t just stand out but gives your brand a clear voice! We’ve got plenty of experience in tackling brands with complex propositions, helping them to define exactly what it is that they want their audience to know about them. We take all that knowledge and learning from the brand workshop and create brand value documents that distill everything down into something meaningful. That’s what then inspires our stunning creative work. 


Whose Messaging Is Already Cutting Through?

Love them or hate them, and opinion is often divided, the best brands are those that cut through the chaos and commotion and get their message direct to you. From Apple to Airbnb, IKEA to Uber, these brands know who they are, why they exist and how they want to make YOU feel. They want you to believe in them, root for them, be excited, inspired and engage with them. Above all they want to move you to choose them, every single time.

Check out our work to see some of the amazing brands we’ve been busy working with! Thanks to our brand workshops and messaging work, they know exactly who their audience is and how to speak to them for the very best results. 

Written by Lisa Birchall December of 2019