Ultimate love a good event, whether that’s to have a few drinkies, or attending to learn a thing or two; we’re always up for it. But our favourite invitation is the kind where we’re asked to provide branding and creative ideas for event collateral. So, imagine our delight when we’re not only given this brilliant invitation, but the client has already come up with a ‘planet related theme’, creative juices were instantly flowing.

Our client, Eggplant provide software which improves user journey and user experience. They focus on continuously improving digital experience, so they really talk our language. In June 2019 they hosted their first ever all-day event, which showcased the benefits, flexibility and scope of their product while also emerging all delegates at the event in their digital vision, facilitating conversations around the many possibilities to enhance continuous digital improvement. When like-minded people get together to share ideas, great things happen!

Eggplant Logo STRAP CMYK

How did we begin to brand a major digitally focussed event I hear you ask? Well, we start as we always do with taking a creative brief to ensure we truly understand what our client wants to achieve. In asking questions about the purpose of the event, we want to get a picture of what a successful event looks like in our clients mind.

Eggplant hosted Eggplanet at the inspirational SeaContainers hotel in London situated on the South Bank of the Thames. A fabulous venue, stylishly furnished and perfectly set up for business events.

When organising an event, specifics are important, information such as, when a guest arrives what will be the the first thing they see? Where will the reception drinks take place, what information do they need and how will they access it, what is the itinerary for the day? All of this information enables us to help bring to life their vision. In the case of Eggplant, their ambitions were far reaching – galaxy style proportions! This event was all about connecting people, bring everyone from the universe of digital together, like-minded people sharing one vision, to improve digital experiences across the planet!

Ultimate created a mood-board of creative ideas to allow the marketing team at Eggplant to cherry pick the assets they required. Taking our lead from the planet theme, we suggested a range of items from orb balloons, e-invites, chair covers, sweets (space invaders’ of course), light boxes, pull up banners and tote bags. All branded with appropriately considered messaging and imaginary.

Here you can watch a video from the event where the work we designed is weaved through in most of the frames. Chief Marketing Officer of Eggplant, Candice Arnold said that she was delighted with the overall look of the event and feedback from attendees was really positive, fingers crossed we get invited again!

Written by Amy Townsend June of 2019