As you may have spotted, we've been busy bees over here at Ultimate HQ and, as a result, we've expanded our Account Management team to welcome the one, and only, Alice to the fold!

So in true Ultimate style, after we've tested her cup of tea making abilities, we asked her the important stuff...

Alice Tripp Ultimate Account Manager.jpg


Where were you before you joined the Ultimate, and what were you up to?

I came from McCann Manchester, whilst there I worked on the Aldi account, predominantly for the Scottish side of their business, looking after their store openings, press, digital and weekly leaflets. Since Christmas I started to look after the Aldi Team GB partnership.

What attracted you to Ultimate?

Having always worked in large companies I was looking forward to working for an agency that would allow me to broaden my expertise and work on multiple, exciting clients. 

We wouldn't be a branding agency if we didn't ask - what's your favourite brand?

ASOS - I love their brand ethos, they really hit the nail on the head with their social media and the language they use to communicate to their consumers. I also love shopping but hate actually going shopping so, for me, having everything in one place is perfect. They aren't scared to talk about things in the media and have an opinion on the things their customers care about. They also seem to be at the forefront of new technologies and aren't scared to push the boundaries.

Have you got any nicknames that we need to know about?

Only to my fiance, he calls me "rascal" - I"m apparently always doing things that I shouldn't be.

Go-to takeaway on a Friday night?


Choose your weapon - what's your favouite biscuit to dunk in this wonderful cup of tea that you've made us?

A dark chocolate digestive biscuit

And, finally, what two items are on your bedside table?

A picture of my best friends and a bag of maltesers - late night snacking is definitelyy a thing...


Be sure to say hello to Alice next time you're in the office! 

Written by ultimate June of 2017