Here at Ultimate, it’s probably no surprise that we like adverts. We’re all about branding; the creativity of it, the originality of it, and adverts play a huge part in reaching your audience and telling them who you are. 

We’ve pulled together our favourite adverts from the last few months (and yes, it’s probably no surprise that they address the coronavirus pandemic). 

From fried chicken to jobseekers to the NHS, the actual subject matter of these ads is hugely varied: the commonality isn’t what they’re selling, but how they’re talking to their audience, made up of current (and prospective) customers. In a complex and often difficult-to-navigate environment, these five adverts are current without striking the wrong tone, and each leaves a positive brand impression on the person watching. With dynamic, engaging, relevant and real-world content, these ads are winners in our book. They each speak for themselves- whether they aim to get you giggling or tug on the heartstrings, the best ads make you truly care. Let’s take a look: 




KFC’s latest video campaign plays off the huge lockdown trend of ‘the fakeaway’. Though the concept of making your favourite takeout food at home isn’t a new one, the temporary closure of all restaurants to tackle the COVID-19 crisis saw the fad take on a life of its own. By incorporating their customers’ DIY attempts to replicate their beloved fried chicken recipes at home, KFC both demonstrated that it had its finger on the pulse of the latest trends on social media, as well as reaching out to those die-hard fans with simple, effective messaging. With a high-drama soundtrack, KFC have hit the nail on the head for seeing the funny side of a tough time. See it for yourself here: 




An unsurprising top of most advert lists, Apple’s new feel-good campaign taps into the creative side lots of us have been exploring during this unprecedented time. Apple’s Creativity Goes On campaign explores some of the weird and wonderful ways in which people everywhere have been getting creative at home. From rainbows painted on windows, to professional music concerts played out a bedroom window, to Zoom ballet classes - the message is clear: creativity can’t be contained, even in the middle of a global crisis. With an  emotive soundtrack, courtesy of one of the featured musicians in the video, Apple have another hit on their hands.


Burger King

Another fast-food giant, Burger King has jumped on the gravy train (sorry) with gusto when it comes to creating adverts during this difficult time. Playing on the concept of patriotic duty, this tongue-in-cheek Stay Home Of The Whopper campaign taps into the easier elements of being a good citizen in the pandemic - that is, staying on your sofa and watching television. Or, in this case, ordering takeaway: some of Burger King’s stores have remained open for delivery, keeping the company going (as well as their clients!) With a clear call to action that’s a win-win all round (order through the app and KFC take care of the delivery costs) it’s never been easier to call yourself a true Couch Pot-atriot (don’t blame us, that one’s on them). 





The nation’s favourite job listing platform, pairs applicants with their dream jobs through simple processes of refining their searches by terms, salary or location. With the entire world facing an uncertain future, it’s a sad reality that many people in all sorts of industries have lost their livelihoods as companies batten down the hatches in the hope of survival. Indeed, in this simple ad, is acknowledging that there are more jobseekers at the moment than before the crisis, at the same time as extending their hand in support. 



Virgin Media


Of course, it’s hardly surprising that Virgin would be onto a winner here. Their media basis makes them perfect for a ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Connected’ message, which is exactly what they’ve rolled out. This ad encompasses everything that the nation has been doing over the last few months to make sure that they stay creative, happy and healthy. Everything from making music online to catching up with loved ones is in this feel-good video, which of course ultimately serves to remind us that the most important thing is connecting


Take a look yourself: 



We hope you enjoyed this roundup of 2020's best ads so far - and keep your eyes peeled, as there's plenty more to come...


Photo credit: Jennifer Baer on Twitter. 



Written by Cia Risbridger May of 2020