Creative animation for Change Consultancy, Project One.

Changing a business can be complex, with major programmes carrying both risk and opportunity.

Significant change such as designing and building new capabilities or making critical improvements to operational processes – need commitment and real experience.

Implementing such change, while operating business as usual, isn’t easy. Any failure could result in costly down-time and delays, let alone reduced morale, which is difficult to recover among valuable staff.

That’s why many companies bring in change experts, like Holmes Chapel-based Project One, to guide them through the process, reduce risk and ensure their goals are achieved.

Project One is the UK’s largest independent consultancy specialising in leading business-critical and complex change. Clients include major brand names such as AstraZeneca, Tesco Bank, Virgin Media and Direct Line Group.

We began working with the team at Project One in 2014, and one of the first challenges they set us was to create an engaging animated video communicating what they do and how they do it.

As with all our projects, our starting point was to ensure all team members had an in-depth understanding of the client’s business, their operating environment and commercial objectives, so a series of discussions was instigated. Indeed, regular dialogue with the client continued throughout the project, ensuring the Project 1 team were fully involved in decision-making every step of the way.

One of the most critical decisions to make at an early stage in the project centred on the style of animation to be used throughout the video. We provided a number of options for review – it was imperative that the agreed style complemented the tone of Project One’s brand.

Once the script was agreed we put on our creative thinking caps and set to work, quite literally with pen and paper, devising a storyboard for each frame to be used in the animation. This showed how the graphics, typography and voice-over would work together to tell Project One’s compelling story. It was critical to get this aspect right to ensure the animation had a strong impact. Of course, careful timing and logical structure was key.

Background music was sourced, giving the film pace, and transitions were carefully chosen to ensure flow. Our voice-over specialist made his recording which was overlaid onto the film before the final edit was made.

Because of our belief that clients should be fully engaged throughout the creative and physical development of projects such as this, the end result was no surprise. However, this did not take away from the excitement everyone involved felt about the launch of the film on Project One’s You Tube channel.

“Change is not an easy subject to communicate, yet Project One allowed us complete freedom from a creative perspective. The final animation is engaging and informative, and sets Project One apart from the crowd.” Amy Townsend, Director.

”We’re delighted with the animation. Creating this was something new to us, but Ultimate did three things that really made this a success. Firstly, they achieved the creative result as we always thought they would, secondly, they also built up a great understanding of what we do and used that understanding well in the final product, and finally, they managed the whole project in a way that kept us in control. It was a great experience.” Geoff Mason / Project One Content Director

Written by Amy Townsend March of 2015