Hayley Taylor creative digital designer.jpg

That's right, we've only gone and bagged ourselves a brilliant new designer to join the already fantastic design team. 

Here we are, asking her the finer points of InDesign, pantone colours and brand guidelines... just kidding, we want to know whether she can swing a ping pong bat, ready to join the internal league of course!

Where were you before you joined the Ultimate team, and what were you up to?

I was working as a Junior Designer at an in-house agency, creating online campaigns. 

What attracted you to Ultimate?

The variety of work, the team, the friendly environment and an opportunity for me to progress with my career.

Aw, shucks, *blushes*. So does that mean you have a favourite brand?

That is a VERY difficult question, doing what I do. I couldn't possibly decide!

Go on then, what nickname are we all to call you?

I've had quite a few - Hayles, Taylor, and the favourite one that the team are loving at the moment is "Hay May Tay". 

What's your party trick (promise we won't ask you to do this at the Christmas do! (OK, we might)

I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Hayley has already hit the ground running with our superb design team, getting stuck in on a number of projects and helping the Ultimate team think of new and brilliant ideas for new projects. Always with a smile on her face and a wink in her eye, make sure you say hello if you pass by! 

Written by ultimate July of 2017