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A website redesign is one of the simplest ways to inject new vigour into your brand. There are two key tricks to bear in mind: choosing the right time to invest in a new website design, and choosing a website designer that makes the process simple.

When is it Time to Redesign a Website?

Most businesses exist in a highly competitive landscape. For every tweak or improvement on your website, a competitor is probably charging ahead with new technologies. 

Having an out-of-date website can reflect negatively on your brand, and in some cases, a poor design can actually harm your SEO. For example: 

  • If your website is not responsive, it will not adapt to different screen sizes; Google favours responsive sites in its mobile index because they’re easier to read
  • Slow sites don’t usually take advantage of compression and other speed-optimising techniques like minification; these can improve your page loading times, making your site more appealing to search engines. 

Within the business, you may also feel that it’s time for a fresh look, simply because your brand has grown or moved on from its original ethos. A smart, modern website will give your business an improved ‘shop window’ that will impress current and future clients

Planning a Full Website Redesign 

The process of redesigning a website will depend on a number of factors.

Modern sites are engineered to separate the content from the layout so that either can be updated independently. If your business website was originally designed in this way, you should have an easier time updating it, and it will likely cost less. 

If your website is old, it may have been created using back-end software that is now out of date, and upgrading could make sense in order to save time and resources when updating the text later. 

However you proceed, a professional web design agency or marketing agency should be your first port of call. They’ll be able to take a look at your website’s component parts -- its branding, layout, optimisation (if any), and content -- and recommend upgrades to each one. As part of the redesign, you could opt to have your brand logo refreshed at the same time, and it might make sense to have the static page content rewritten to improve its search engine relevance.

Taking the First Step

A shiny new website could pay dividends, making your business appear to be professional, competent, and modern. It also needn’t break the bank. The key is to get the right agency behind you so that you make the right decisions before the work is carried out. That should mean that your website redesign stands the test of time.

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Written by Charlotte Green October of 2018