When thinking about the brand of your company, it can be difficult to know where to start. Branding goes far beyond simply a logo or tagline - it is the entire customer experience you provide. Essentially, your brand is how your customers perceive you, and thus having a clear, defined brand for your company is key.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits of good branding that every business can enjoy:

Sell your mission

McDonalds mission statement.png

A strong brand allows you to clearly outline your company's mission to your customers. It’s what defines your personality. If your company’s mission is, for example, to be known as an environmentally-focused business, this should be reflected everywhere in your branding.

Audiences love to connect with brands that have a clear and obvious mission - so work out your mission statement right from the very start, and build the rest of your activity around it.Charity water brand mission statement.png

Create memories

Customers remember brands far more than they do a simple product. A prime example is the instant and global recognition of McDonalds’ Golden Arches - that icon is now a household name. That simple symbol creates a memorable association impossible to achieve just by selling hamburgers and french fries. 

Having a clear, recognisable brand will instantly boost the likelihood of your customers remembering your company the next time they’re in need of your services, instead of a competitor.

Encourage loyalty

Your brand provides your company with the opportunity to connect with your customers on an emotional level. This feeling of liking subsequently induces a feeling of familiarity, and makes your customers far more likely to not only repeat business with you, but also to recommend you to others as well.

A successful brand builds customer loyalty even when you are not actively marketing your business - when your brand is instantly identified with the ideals you have outlined, that’s when you know your campaign is working. 

Attract new customers

The preference for brands over products applies to purchasing habits the same way it applies to what people remember. Customers choose to buy a brand over a product. It’s what makes Coca-Cola more popular than any other brand of cola - even though many versions taste almost identical, people buy into the Coca-Cola brand.

When you build a brand that your customers like, they’ll want to talk about it. Building a brand that your customers are enthusiastic about essentially means free advertising for your business - loyal customers become your brand ambassadors, attracting new custom for you by telling their friends and family how great you are.

Boost employee morale

Likewise, a strong brand gives your employees something to talk about and be proud of. If you don’t have the right support internally, then you’re going to have a much harder job converting paying customers to your company too.

Focus on building a brand with a clear mission statement that employees can connect and relate to. If your own team is excited about your brand, then you’re on the right lines.

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Written by Amy Townsend September of 2017