Why Mobile Marketing Matters

Mobile is a huge growth area for commerce, fuelled by faster connection speeds, bigger and better mobile devices, and Google’s focus on mobile-friendly content. GlobalWebIndex says that the time we spend on mobile now accounts for one-third of all of our time online, and a significant chunk of that time is spent on social media. When we build websites, both our design and development teams are tasked with delivering effective mobile content, so we have a good idea of the experience your users demand.

As such, businesses are finally realising that mobile holds huge potential and needs dedicated focus, as well as an increased ad spend year on year.

  • Warc predicts that 44 per cent of all online ad spend will be in mobile next year; that’s a total spend of $90 billion globally
  • In contrast, the spend on desktop advertising has failed to grow, which serves as an indicator as to current market trends
  • Within mobile, there’s also a focus on mobile search. Again, this comes back to Google’s drive to optimise the mobile experience, but it’s also recognition of how much we use our phones to research and buy
  • Mobile search advertising is expected to hit $40 billion by the end of 2017; that’s twice the amount businesses spent in 2015. In contrast, desktop search spend is thought to be reducing
  • Mobile-specific spending on social networking sites will reach $28 billion by the end of 2017. But even before then, investment is growing, and it will account for one-fifth of all ad spend in the US in 2016.

Brand Adjustment

Naturally, this upward trajectory can’t last forever, and 2016 really is the year to capitalise. In 2017, Warc predicts that growth will fall to 3.7 per cent, with a deceleration in almost every region. But it’s important to remember that this is not a decline in spend. It simply means businesses are adjusting to the new ad spend landscape.

We’ve seen such huge and rapid growth in recent years, fuelled by sporting events and modern presidential elections, and SMEs need to be sure to capitalise on this upswing. We understand how critical mobile is. For expert support in deploying effective digital ads, it pays to partner with our experts, both for web design and complete digital marketing services.

Written by Emma Puzylo April of 2016