The sun is out and it’s time to have fun! Chester Zoo has launched its latest campaign and this year, they’re all about having a great time. They want you to have a grand day out, full of silliness and games, kids and adults alike. Reconnect with your inner child and don’t be afraid to laugh out loud!

Chester Zoo play microsite.pngHere at Ultimate, we are particularly excited as this campaign marks our first foray into TV advertising. Keep your eyes peeled on ITV Granada for the next few weeks, or alternatively, take a look at the full advert here.

The brief asked that we challenged the idea of families being split into parents and children, and instead promote the idea of everyone being “playmates”. Chester Zoo sees itself as being somewhere where families can get down on the same level, create lasting memories, and most importantly, have fun!

We really wanted to emphasise the imaginative aspect of play. With a little imagination, anywhere can become a place of fun and games, so why not the Zoo? Chester Zoo has installed numerous balancing beams, animal footprints and stepping stones to encourage families’ imaginations, so we highlighted these in our creative work. By combining photography of playing families with illustrative animals and landscapes, we showed how easy it is to blend the two in real life!

This focus on simple fun for the whole family was not only carried through to the television advert, Chester Zoo Crocodile Snap.pngbut also onto the dedicated Play! microsite. We are enormously proud of the Play! site as it shows off a whole range of our services at their absolute best. Creative website design, game development, content creation, user experience focused design and more.

It’s all in there. From an animal themed Spotfiy playlist to Crocodile Snap, there’s tons for kids to do online, getting them excited for the big day out. We’ve even included some challenges and events for people to stuck into at the zoo itself. Play! should happen before, during and after any trip to Chester Zoo. 

To help spread the fun even further (like a game of Chinese Whisperers), we are encouraging people to use the #LetsPlayAtChester Zoo. If we’ve inspired you, let us know!

Written by Charlotte Green April of 2017