We’re recruiting for two Full Stack PHP Developers to start immediately. But what’s it like to work at a leading agency in a post-COVID world?


We appreciate how lucky we are to have our office in leafy Cheshire. No battle into a city centre. No overcrowded transport ecosystems to navigate. We are surrounded by acres of countryside and work in a large, modern, open plan space. We pride ourselves on rewarding employees in every way we possibly can. Striving for any marginal gain we can make to enhance employee experience, whilst driving hard to produce ever greater results for our clients. We love it, but would it suit you?


Investing in yourself and your career is a huge and important decision. Who you choose to spend your time with, what you spend your time doing and most importantly how you feel about those things have been contemplated by many during this current crisis. Do we get fulfillment and happiness from our employment? Are we challenged, do we grow, do we learn and evolve? Do we get support and empathy from our colleagues? Are we reaching our potential? Do we feel safe?


In the last twelve weeks, life as we know it has been flipped around, shaken about and exposed in a rather matter-of-fact and granular fashion. We’ve been given time to see things as they really are. Do we like what we do, without all the distractions? Without the commute, without the bustle of the lunch break, without being pulled into a meeting at the last minute, without that funny colleague who is ready to laugh with you across the desk at your stress and somehow make everything OK again?


As we at Ultimate make our own evaluations I am proud to boast that we have not come up wanting. Ultimate is a fantastic place to work. We value our team. We value our customers. We believe in and live by our ethos “Enjoy life, do great work”.


We have supported our team and in turn, wow, have they supported us. They have been agile, they have adapted, they have gone above and beyond again and again. Together, we have delivered for our clients creatively, technically and with the excellent level of support that they expect from Ultimate. We have embraced change, embraced technology, and collaborated swiftly to find new ways of working. We have enjoyed the challenge and never let it dampen our spirits, for that is what makes Ultimate and our Ulti-mates great.

Will you be joining us? 


We are seeking two Full Stack PHP Developers to join our team and we want only the best. If that is you, please contact us on matthew.townsend@ultimate-uk.com

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Written by Matt Townsend June of 2020