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Branding plays a wide range of important functions in business and marketing, and with strong competition, it can be crucial to ensure that you make your brand stand out. Your brand is both how you attract attention to your products and services, and how you establish an identity that makes you distinct from your competitors. 

It incorporates the visual identity of your business and product range in terms of logos, packaging and other elements of design, but also the less tangible ‘personality’ you want to express through all of your marketing and promotional content.

But key to all, regardless of broader aims and purposes, is standing out from the crowd. Especially in today’s crowded digital marketing space, with more competition for customers’ attention than ever before, getting noticed in the first place, and then holding that attention, is a central concern of all branding work. 

Here’s a brief rundown of the key strategies professional marketers bear in mind when creating a stand out brand.

Keep it simple

When trying to create a design or a brand position that will really wow your audiences, it is easy to fall into the trap of over-complicating things. People are bombarded with branding nowadays, almost to the point of fatigue, and what they don’t want is to have to think too hard about what you are offering. In design terms, that means avoiding anything over-elaborate - always go for simple yet striking, something which grabs the eye first time.

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Aim for positive associations

People’s brains process words, phrases, even colours and shapes, intuitively, often without them being consciously aware that they are doing it. It is very important for brand marketers to be aware of these associations, and carefully choose content which creates positive associations in their audience’s minds. You can compare it to the ‘feel good’ positive news story which is intended to cheer everyone up at the end of a bulletin. For a brand, the key is to tease those feel good stories out of the company, product or service and use them to encourage a warm emotional response.

Highlight the unique

A brand’s USP - unique selling point - is a well-worn phrase in marketing. But being unique is not just all about selling. In fact, if you want to make your brand stand out, you should be aiming to be a lot more original and interesting than simply highlighting what makes you different to your competitors.

People are naturally drawn to the quirky, the unusual, the innovative and the groundbreaking, and marketers jump on this all the time - just think of how strange TV adverts can get. That doesn’t mean you have to go bonkers and create every aspect of your brand way out of leftfield, but whatever you can do to break through the monotony of brand fatigue and give people a reason to take notice is helpful. It could be a name, a slogan, an icon, an offer, an entire proposition - just try to do something a little different.

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Written by Jon Walker September of 2017