As we continue to win new and exciting projects across our different services, we're always on the lookout for new skills and talent to enhance our team. The latest member to join our team is the wonderful Tom, who has joined our website development team.

Of course no ultimate initiation would be the same without asking him some random, daft questions to make sure he fits in with the rest of us, so we thought we'd share the best bits with you our lovely readers. So grab a brew and a biscuit, and help us welcome Tom to the team...


Let's start with the basics, what was your previous web development role? 

My previous role was an almost identical one, fresh out of Staffordshire University and into my first job to kickstart my career. The role involved all of the development work I do now, however I was also in charge of carrying out the design work for the clients that I managed also. It's all a bit different here at Ultimate with the dedicated teams for each stage of a project and it works really, really well.

What attracted you to ultimate? 

When I first saw the advertised position, I decided to have a gander into the way that the company works, the ethos and some of the projects they had already undertaken. Needless to say it ticked all of the boxes! The way that ultimate work as a whole essentially follows the same principles as a living family... everything is well coordinated, the people here are more than happy to offer help and advice if it's ever needed, the working environment makes you feel like you're working from the comfort of your own home and the free sweets and chocolates that are always in abundance is an added bonus!

That's enough of the formal stuff, so it's Friday, what's your takeaway tea of choice?

I just hope my Mother isn't reading this... There isn't exactly a diet takeaway option, well that's not strictly true, I wouldn't say no to a diet Domino's Pizza - just remove the Stuffed Crust option! 

We're putting the kettle on, what's your favourtie biscuit to dunk?

As a non tea or coffee drinker I don't have a favourite biscuit, however I'm more than happy to just scoff the packet of biscuits.

What's the best way for you to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Sunday afternoons, well it all depends on the weather really. Some Sunday afternoons I'm on my way back down from Mt. Snowdon, out plane spotting (huge aviation geek), shooting (photography) wildlife, having a lazy Netflix afternoon or back down South in Bristol with friends and family. Ooh 'arr!

We ask it of everyone, so you can't get away with it - who's your favourite brand?

Now that's a toughie. If I had to choose just the one, then I'd have to go with British Airways. Sorry, but my inner geek is crying out! 99% of the time I enjoy branding that has a fair amount going on with some complex patterns but BA has none of that. The BA brand is one that has to encompass everything necessary to promote a simple, effective, positive, elegant and globally welcoming brand. It has to please the eyes and minds of millions of potential customers across the world while competing in one of the most competitive markets out there. If you look at the aircraft liveries, they contain the Union Jack on the tails while the bottom half of the fuselage couple with the entire engines being completely blue. Nothing exactly special about it is there? But because of this simplistic but stnd out brand design, the airline is recognisable across the world. 

And finally, the question we are all waiting for - if you were to have any superhero powers, what would they be?

I think this question has already been answered. The ability to fly would be incredible. Although I'd also need the ability to never run out of oxygen, never freeze at high altitude etc. etc. Flying at altitude is quite deadliy! If that's being a bit too picky then I'd happily take the ability to control time, there's never enough hours in a day :-) 

Written by Amy Townsend September of 2016