Hi, I am Courteney, one of the newest members of the Digital Marketing team here at Ultimate

I have recently just started here at Ultimate, a new opportunity to learn how to do Digital Marketing in an Agency environment - something that I have not been able to do yet! You may be wondering what is the point of my introduction, but I just wanted to let you know a little bit more about me, and my decisions as to why I choose to join the Ultimate team. So Hi! This is me:

Some very basic information about me, as you may have noticed my name is Courteney, yes the extra E is meant to be there (it's French, and no I am not French). I am 27 and currently living in Southport after just buying my first home with my boyfriend Sam and our baby Nala (she is a cat and yes I am a cat mom). I enjoy being outdoors, have a strong passion for music and love spending my free time trying new foods and drinking in warm country pubs.

I love marketing and all that comes with it. It's a very exciting industry with some very creative ideas that are always changing and evolving and I love that! It is one of the main reasons why I got into the marketing industry in the first place.

I love being creative and creating new ideas, designs, and social posts and then watching how people react to them. One of my favourite things within marketing is watching new adverts, especially Christmas ones! I am always counting down the days to see what John Lewis does for the year with their ultimate Christmas advert!

Where it all started...

So I guess I should go back to where it all started when I was at uni. Wanting to do a photography degree, I went to Birmingham City University to study and enrolled on a marketing degree that specialised in Photography. As my time there went on I was able to try out lots of different industries under the marketing and media umbrella, this is where I found my love for marketing and by the time I graduated, change my passion for photography into marketing.

As the years went on I found myself focusing more on the digital side of Marketing and enjoying the data that can be gathered around the movements that people take online. I worked for a couple of clubs in Birmingham helping to sell tickets for the events they were holding and found I was better at selling them online than I was in person.

From there I ended up helping the clubs to sell the events online, do their social media accounts and work on the back end of the website to help with the SEO and from there started my career in Digital Marketing.

Why Ultimate ...

After university, I worked at some great companies that helped me to develop and learn my skills in the digital marketing industry, but I soon realised that I wanted more of a challenge, I wanted something that would help me to learn more, but faster and more diverse. So when I stumbled on the job vacancy at Ultimate and learned about what they do I jumped at the chance to apply. It ticked all the boxes allowing me to learn new skills and develop my knowledge within an experienced team.

At Ultimate I work with some great people who come with lots of different knowledge from all over the marketing industry, it's great to hear their stories and get their advice. I may have only been here at Ultimate for a short time, but I have already been welcomed in as part of the team and made some great friends within the company too. 

Working for a marketing agency is a great way to push your knowledge, and gain experience but also have the diversity of industries to play around with your ideas, and it helps that you never get bored! Everyone here at Ultimate is always looking for great talent, but most importantly great people, you never know that could be you!

I could go on and talk about me and my life a lot more ( I do love to talk) but I don't want to bore you all just yet! Keep an eye out to hear from another member of the Ultimate team soon for the next chapter of Meet the Team.


Written by ultimate December of 2022