The first seminar I attended discussed 'Consumer trends across 2018' which highlighted what devices consumers are favouring, what media they consume, what data they will share and how they communicate. The speaker left us considering that it the future is data driven but consumers are getting more nervous about sharing their data, especially with brands they are unfamiliar with, how will emerging brands engage with their target market effectively? At Ultimate, we know that if we give our customers good reason to share their data with us they will, an example of that being a whitepaper that can be accessed by sharing their information.
It was a pure coincidence that I left this seminar and went straight to the 'Engagement' theatre where a company was sharing really exciting statistics around gaming. It took 35 years for the global games market to hit $35 bn in 2007. In 2007 something changed...a revolutionary device called the smartphone! The games market is now worth $100 bn! these exciting little computers took over and suddenly we were able to engage with games on the move.
People learn and connect through play. Games are fun, make us happy and are a brilliant way of increasing engagement.
We were shown two examples where National brands had used games to connect with their customers. One client reported that their game had 667 unique users in one day, 58,000 plays over 30 days and it it was played at least twice by each user!
Another example which demonstrated sales generation, was a game that was played over 700,000 times with a 40% CTR to the companies special offers. They reported 9,000 GDPR compliant opt-ins and a record ROI.
So I left my first seminar wondering about how we continue to find new ways to engage with consumers, to being blown away by the fantastic results games can have for engagement. 
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Written by Claire Treloar April of 2019