Web sites, social media, search engines, smartphone apps, digital branding… there is a lot
to think about when planning how to get the most from your digital marketing budget.

The art of attracting, engaging and building an audience online can demand expertise in all
of the above. Inbound marketing depends on establishing a digital brand which is visible,
which grabs attention and which earns trust from returning customers. It requires technical
skills in web design and development, an understanding of how people behave online and
the creative talent to produce stand-out content.

If you are looking for a digital partner that can add value to your next campaign, Ultimate
Creative offers all of the above. Our full spectrum online marketing service, from
development to branding, content creation to SEO, gives us a unique ‘big picture’
perspective few rival agencies can match.


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Here are six reasons to give us a call to start planning out your next campaign.

1. Bespoke service

Nothing we do is off the shelf. Every campaign we undertake is tailor-made from scratch to
meet the objectives of each different client. With Ultimate, your business won’t be treated as
a type. Our focus is on encapsulating what makes each client unique and bringing that to the

2. Goals Driven

Our approach to campaign planning is straightforward - you tell us your objectives, and we
make them happen. While we will always offer our professional opinion about what we think
is achievable and sensible metrics to use, our role is help you achieve your business goals.
Everything we recommend will be geared towards hitting tangible targets.

3. Omnichannel approach

Digital marketing nowadays requires much more than just running a website. Because of the
range of expertise we have in house, Ultimate can take care of everything for you - website
building, social media accounts, SEO, branding, blogs and other content creation. Not only is
this more convenient than working with different agencies, it means you can be assured that
all campaigns are fully integrated, with all elements working towards the same goals.

4. Creative content

Strong, engaging content is at the heart of a any successful inbound marketing campaign.
Not only can we design eye-catching, high performance websites, we will keep them fresh
and up-to- date with thought-provoking, useful content that gives visitors a reason to keep
coming back. From blogs to social media feeds, video to graphics, we have the creative
talent to make your content stand out from the crowd.

5. Technical expertise

As well as employing specialists in branding, marketing and creative design, we also have a
team of fully qualified computer programming experts who have the technical know-how to
do everything from building a website from scratch to creating branded mobile apps.

6. Certified SEO specialists

Once we build your sites and fill them with beautiful content, we also make sure people can
find you online. We include SEO in all of our digital marketing services, with a team of
Google-certified specialists on hand to take care of organic search optimisation and pay-per-
click (PPC) campaigns.

To talk to one of our friendly team about how we can help with your inbound marketing,
contact us here.

Written by Carrie Shaw March of 2018