SEO never sits still for long, and part of the skill of developing a good SEO strategy is being
able to anticipate the changing factors that affect search performance.

So with 2018 almost knocking on our doors, we thought it was time to look ahead and think
about how SEO is likely to change in the next year.

There are a number of search engine trends that have slowly be gaining an edge on more traditional methods in the past few years, and we expect many of these to come to full prominence in 2018.

Here’s our list of the top trends to look out for so you can get a head start adjusting your
strategy come the new year.

1. Voice Search

With the rise of Alexa, Siri, Cortana and more digital assistants than you can name, voice

search is going to play a central role in search strategy in 2018.
As more users turn to digital assistants and voice search for online browsing, websites will need
to use more long-tail keywords and focus on natural language in pages and posts in order to
match the search terms people are using.

2. Snippets and Quick Answers

Linking to the above point, digital assistants favour quick, easy answers for their users, opting
for concise, clear snippets of information pulled from search results. Likewise, Google has been
showing an increased preference for quick answer and definition boxes at the top of their search
results. To meet these demands, content needs to be clear, concise, and very easy to pick up
and digest for your users.

This growing trend in 2018 will mean companies need to become more accustomed to
researching search intent, and start optimising posts to appear in an Answer Box format on
search engine results.

3. User Experience

Without a doubt, user experience is one of the biggest driving forces behind search engine
trends in 2018. Google has made clear how much emphasis it now places on RankBrain -
software that takes into account how users interact with posts in search results, and adjusts the
rank of said posts accordingly. This is only further proof of how every company should be
focusing on a seamless UX for all visitors.

Google values high engagement and time spent on sites, so while site speed, good design and
an easy-to- navigate site are essential, your content also needs to be exactly what your visitors
have searched for (i.e. in context with keyword search results) in order to get them to visit your
site, and stay on it.

4. Mobile First

Finally, a mobile-first strategy should be the cornerstone of every business’s SEO in 2018. Site
speed is essential, as more users than ever are mobile browsing which means attention spans
are shorter, and context is increasingly crucial.
Make sure that your content is not only useful, long-form, and perfectly keyword optimised, but
also search engine optimised locally to boost your chances of appearing in more mobile

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Written by Anna Carruthers December of 2017