Brands need more written copy than ever before - and so high is the demand for online text that it has created a whole new industry for outsourced digital copywriting services. As well as necessity however, there are a wide range of benefits of hiring a copywriter.

As we discussed in our last blog, text content has become extremely important in digital marketing. Google’s quality agenda has created a pressing need in SEO for every website to feature in-depth, informative, useful and well-written copy. Not only that, but it demands copy be updated on a regular basis, most obviously in the form of blogs, news, social media updates etc.

Businesses could, of course, do all of this themselves in-house. But that just creates yet another job to add to the endless list that goes into running a modern company. As with any service, when there is an opportunity to outsource, doesn’t it make sense to free your people’s time to focus on the core business?

Here are some of the key benefits of hiring a copywriter to take care of your online textual needs.

4 Benefits of Hiring A Copywriter


Professional quality

We may have already mentioned how important content quality is to SEO nowadays. But it is a point worth repeating - Google ranks pages based on a range of quality judgements that include readability, accuracy of grammar and spelling, relevance, depth of information and more. If you want to get your pages ranking, you need to do a lot more than flood a page with a handful of keywords. Presentation is everything.

Writing is a skill. If you want a website that works properly, you hire a professional to take care of the technical side. Copywriting is no different. By outsourcing to the right people, you are hiring skilled, experienced, qualified professionals, many of whom will have backgrounds writing for media and PR, to deliver a product where quality matters.

Guaranteed service levels

Following on from this, outsourcing has the advantage of guaranteeing that the level of quality you need for a piece of copywriting is met. If you try to handle copywriting in house, using members of your team whose specialisms don’t necessarily include writing, you risk having to waste time revisiting a piece of work over and over again to tidy up grammar, improve the flow of how it reads and other technical elements.

By outsourcing, you significantly reduce the risk of this happening. Professional copywriters make a living producing work to the highest possible standards first time, on time. If they return work full of basic errors and with little thought to readability, they won’t get much referred business.

That is why, as with most outsourced services, copywriters will guarantee a service level. As well as producing clean, accurate, readable copy, they will also agree to meet the requirements of any brief you provide. If the work produced doesn’t meet the brief, it can simply be sent back for revision at no additional cost.

Save time

Writing a blog every week can be laborious, especially if it is handled by someone who does not have much experience writing for publication. And now that it is widely accepted that longer format text works better for SEO purposes, many people can find the prospect of writing 1000 to 2000 words on a given topic daunting.

By outsourcing your copywriting, the issue of time is no longer your concern - if you follow the convention of paying a fixed price per piece for an agreed word length, anyway. Besides, creating long form texts is old hat to a professional  - it’s what they do all day, so speed should not be an issue.

Add value to your business

It should be emphasised that the benefits of good quality copy on your digital channels do not boil down purely to good SEO practice. There is a reason Google has become so preoccupied with quality - it wants to create a World Wide Web where the needs and concerns of real people are paramount, and where websites are designed to be as useful and helpful as possible.

Good quality content is crucial to this. If you have clear, detailed, informative descriptions of your products, well-thought-out advice and self-help articles, and a blog that blends insightful comment with a touch of humour, the people who really matter - your customers - are going to enjoy using your website and be more inclined to come back.

Top quality professional written content therefore adds its own value to your business, and can be a point of difference between you and your competitors. In the end, the benefits of hiring a copywriter significantly outweigh the initial cost.

If you are interested in outsourcing your digital copywriting, please get in touch. Ultimate Creative works with a talented team of professional copywriters with excellent credentials right across the business spectrum.

Written by Anna Carruthers June of 2018