A sorcerer has cast a spell over Chester Zoo and all the animals have fallen asleep! They need everybody’s help to free them of The Enchantment of Chester Zoo. So how did Ultimate help?

Full of magical moments, this spectacular event is back for its second year and is bigger and better than ever. Produced by the extraordinary events company, Wild Rumpus, The Enchantment of Chester Zoo provides an immersive and engaging experience for all the family. By gathering clues from a selection of animals: moths, sloths, giraffes and orangutans, visitors will be able to gain access to Owl HQ where they can share all they’ve learnt. Along the way they’ll be treated to breathtaking performances by wonderful musicians and acrobats.

Ultimate’s Role

Ultimate had a crucial role to play in bringing the magic to life. It was our job to make people aware of the curse that had befallen Chester Zoo and encourage them to come and help save the day. To do this, we produced a short 30 second animation in a Tim Burton-esque style. It focuses on the idea that the audience is being lulled to sleep by the evil sorcerer, hence the blinking eyelid effect throughout. 

Wild Rumpus provided us with the featured characters and brand mark, but it was up to Ultimate to build a compelling story that would entice the audience to book tickets. By introducing the idea that the audience themselves were falling victim to the sleeping curse, we aimed to inject a sense of urgency into the animation. Time is running out to save the animals so the audience need to book tickets quick before the hourglass runs out.

As ever, we began this exciting project with a storyboard of our idea. Starting with some initial sketches, we then worked with Lion Eyes TV  to bring our narrative to life. We carefully considered the music and sound effects as these were crucial to building a spooky atmosphere. Throughout the process, we ensured that we remained within Chester Zoo’s clearly defined brand guidelines.

Holly Nelson Chester Zoo’s Marketing Manager was thrilled with the end result: “The Enchantment of Chester Zoo is a brilliant family event and Ultimate have perfectly captured time-critical urgency of the message. The animation is both informative and beautiful, reflecting the event’s spooky and enchanting atmosphere.”

We hope you enjoy the video and if you would like to learn more about The Enchantment of Chester Zoo, please click here.

Written by Anna Carruthers October of 2017