Have you ever heard of a pub in a zoo? No? Well, now you have! The Oakfield pub is open for business at Chester Zoo and Ultimate are thrilled to have had a hand in bringing the brand to life.

The Oakfield logo - Chester Zoo

Compared to other places to eat around the zoo, the Oakfield is more traditional in both design and menu. The renovation has been respectful of the building’s historic past, with images of Chester Zoo and its animals through the years, hanging on the walls. Careful attention has been given to ensure that all the details are just right. There is everything that you would expect to see in a high-end pub but with a distinctive Zoo twist. It’s unlike any pub you’ve ever seen! The chairs are even upholstered with vibrant colours and beautiful animal imagery! Set back against gardens and horticultural installations, The Oakfield offers a tranquil setting against the excitement and bustle of the main zoo.

Our creative and dedicated website design and build for The Oakfield takes people on a journey through its history, whilst still retaining that uniquely fun Chester Zoo feel. It’s a real ‘go to’ place for local members.

The Oakfield pub sits right at the centre of Chester Zoo, both physically and historically. It was in this stunning manor house that George Mottershead began to collect the exotic animals that would later become Chester Zoo. Over time the Zoo has expanded out from The Oakfield but animals have always remained right at the heart of its mission. This is reflected in the crest we developed as part of the brand.

Restaurant at Chester Zoo - The Oakfield

Image: Chester Zoo

The central feature of the logo is a cross. We used this to illustrate how The Oakfield can be found at the centre of the Zoo with all the animals radiating out from it. By making it look like a traditional family crest, we were able to subtly reference how it is the original home of the Mottershead family. It seemed fitting to have a crest style to represent that fact. The Oakfield crest hangs outside the pub, as well as on menus, beer mats and on the staffs’ bespoke aprons. Crests have always been closely associated with pubs but naturally, this one features animal imagery.

Crest of The Oakfield at Chester Zoo
Image: Chester Zoo

With its setting and general audience being so different from the Zoo’s, giving this brand it’s own imagery to use throughout marketing and advertising was important. The photography style perfectly captures the great food and wonderful atmosphere of The Oakfield, with a friendly and human feel to act as a warm welcome to the pub. People will see the pub as an opportunity to relax in the middle of a fun but very jam-packed day out at the zoo!

The brand itself has a premium feel, with crisp and clean lines that reflect the modern style of the beautiful glass conservatory that envelopes the entrance. With all of the tremendous history steeped in and around the building, we used Victorian-style illustration throughout the website and offline assets as a nod toward it.

Interior of The Oakfield at Chester Zoo
Image: Chester Zoo

To learn more about The Oakfield, and see our distinctive brand in action, please click here or visit Chester Zoo! To read more about the work we have done for Chester Zoo here.

Written by Anna Carruthers August of 2018