2017 has already been a brilliant year for us here at Ultimate, with super projects for existing clients, and exciting plans for new clients, we can't quite believe it's July already! (Did someone just say Christmas?! )

To keep our creativity flowing, and our standards high, we have recently welcomed another new addition to the design team, in the shape of Martyn. Martyn has already shown his mean skills on the ping pong table and has produced some superb work already, so we thought you'd like to learn a little bit more about him, y'know, the Ultimate way...

Martyn Dawson Ultimate Senior Designer.jpgMartyn Dawson senior design team.jpg

Where were you before you joined the Ultimate team?

I was Head of Design at Manchester creative agency The Drawing Room, specialising in brand design as well as all things digital!

What attracted you to Ultimate?

The expanse of creative and interesting work that Ultimate have acheived! As well as the great work that we do for good causes, such as Act for Wildlife as well as The Air Ambulance Service. We are also making great strides forward in our UX and digital offering, it's an essential workflow for every digitally focused agency and I'm excited to be a part of this growth. 

So, we ask it to all of you designers - what's your favourite brand and why?

It changes week on week, but my favourite brand of all time is John Lewis. I used to work there way back in the day whilst at college and there's an overwhleming feeling that you'e part of something pretty exceptional. The way the staff, from the Managing Director right through to the servers in the cafe, abide by the brand ethos and get on board with the John Lewis 'way of thinking' is incredible. They're leaders in their market for a reason, they exude confidence and expertise. Their campaigns, whilst diverse and at the cutting edge of advertising, are always true to the brand, engaging and create a buzz amongst us all.

Do you / have you had a nickname?

I do have many nicknames, my nickname within my circle of friends is "Marv" just because they couldn't think of anything else to abbreviate it to. But in my previous job they nicknamed me "Pat Sharp" after the loveable Fun House presenter from the 90s because apparently I look quite a lot like him (*face-palm*). 

What was the name of your first pet?

It was my family's percetly white cat - Twiggy. For me the coolest cat that I've ever come across to this day. 

Best way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

In a European city taking in the sights and the sun, armed with my perfect drink (Old Fashioned - this really should be a question within this thing!) and taking it easy and enjoying the tranquility. 

What's your party trick that we need to know about ready for the next night out?

I don't have a party trick per se, but if there's a guitar at a party I am almost guaranteed to pick it up and give it a play!


Excellent stuff.. so now we know that "Marv" loves a good Old Fashioned, when he's not looking after Twiggy, we cannot wait to see what the future has in store! 


Written by ultimate July of 2017