Google offers a spectrum of services for online businesses from paid and display advertising through to video and even email adverts. With an estimated 100 billion searches per month carried out on Google alone, having a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, considering SEO and PPC, can be crucial.

Becoming a Google Partner means that we are recognised for using best practices in paid search advertising and our customer care. We also get insider knowledge and training on Google products, so we can pass this on to our clients!

This means that Ultimate not only offer award-winning branding and website design, but are qualified in all areas of digital marketing to help promote websites in the most relevant target markets. Our team are extremely proud of the award as it is a true testament for the hard work that we put into all of our digital marketing campaigns.

If you would like to talk about how our team can help your online business grow or for a free PPC campaign review why not get in touch with the team today or call in for a cup of tea, we love a chat!

Written by Emma Puzylo November of 2015