With such glorious weather recently (minus the occasional thunderstorm), Ultimate seized the rare opportunity to get out and about. But what does a Cheshire branding agency team get up to when they’re let loose? Manley Mere Adventure Trail, of course!

This little known meandering wood trail is packed full of obstacles made from re-used agricultural material and other bits and pieces of recycling. Simple and rustic to look at, but some of those obstacles posed a real challenge.  

Bright and early on Saturday morning, we all assembled in the car park ready for our big adventure. Uncertain what to expect, there was a variety of outfits on show. Jon had pulled on his best neon purple shorts and golfing jacket, Anna was repping her university (extra points if you can spot it in the photos) and Matt kept it trendy with a pair of jeans- a risky choice. Waiver form reluctantly signed, we headed into the deep unknown.

As you may know, the Ultimate team contains a couple of keen cyclists, so we were delighted to start the trail with a bike obstacle. Unfortunately, these bikes were fixed to the ground but they did come with the added benefit of water hoses. Within minutes we were drenched, setting a definite tone for the rest of the morning.

Like kids in a candy shop, we raced from obstacle to obstacle, egging each other on. Rope swings, vertical slides, zip lines and hamster wheels. There was something for everyone. Some sections required a bit more thought and consideration than others, such as the wobbly ladder over a shallow stream. There was a large intake of breath when Scott slipped on that one, but he made a masterful recovery. The less brave of us watched on in nervous anticipation from the prow of a pirate ship. 

We’re a competitive bunch at Ultimate so naturally we spied the opportunity for a race when confronted with a climbing frame. It all got a bit intense and somehow, Scott ended up with a humongous split in his shorts. Thankfully for us, and the nearby children’s party, he was wearing underwear! That didn’t stop him going all spider monkey on us later though and shimmying down a tightrope, although he did soon regret the rope burn. 

Above all, Manley Mere provides an unparalleled opportunity to act like a kid and play in the mud. A pond dunking chair left a few bold members of the team thoroughly soaked and with painful bums. Tom and Scott totally embraced the spirit of the day by flinging themselves into a pool of mud, losing a shoe in the process.

By the end of the trail, more than one of us needed a hosing down before we headed over to The Goshawk for a delicious pub lunch. All in all, we had a brilliant day out, even if we were sporting more than a few injuries back in the office on Monday morning. Unsurprisingly, repeatedly hurling yourself at an 8-foot wall will leave the stomach feeling a touch tender.

Let us know if you have any recommendations for our next adventure!





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Written by Anna Carruthers July of 2017