It’s been a smashing summer at Ultimate, with project after project and win after win, all thanks to the outstanding creativity and productivity of every member of our team.

Our wonderful CEO Matt Townsend wanted to reward the team for their hard work and relentless dedication, so decided on whipping up a sensational paella for everyone to enjoy.

Matt wished to say thank you in a way that would resonate with Ultimate’s friendly, close-knit family culture.  Aware that it's a common habit for people to cook dinner for friends or family in appreciation of favours or help. Matt wanted to bring that affectionate sentiment to work, putting a twist on our company's motto 'Eat Paella, Do Great Work'.

We were absolutely thrilled, not just at the prospect of not having to agonisingly plan a packed lunch, but by the opportunity to experience Matt’s renowned culinary skills.

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After lovingly doting over two huge paella pans filled to the brim with bomba rice, meat and vegetables on the range at home, the steaming, aromatic Paella was neatly transported to our offices. Mouths were drooling in anticipation as Señor Matt served up a Paella mixta with juicy king prawns, chorizo dulce, sweet paprika, juicy chicken thigh meat, plenty of fresh vegetables and a saffron-infused sauce. Our vegetarian members were also incredibly well provided for with their own paella vegetariana with fine green beans and vibrant red peppers.  

Following the gorging on Matt’s beautiful dish, some of the team were wishing they could partake in another Spanish tradition siesta, a long nap after lunch...



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Written by Lydia Daniels September of 2018