As far as digital marketing is concerned, your website is the centre of your universe. Yes, in
these multi-channel times, we have to pay due attention to social media and other modes of
digital communication. But when it comes to promoting your brand online, everything comes
back to your website.

If you want to improve your SEO, boost site traffic, increase conversions online or simply
give your brand a digital makeover, a website redesign is often the starting point. But a new
site will have a far-reaching impact right across your digital marketing strategy. If you want to
make it a success, it is important to understand just how close the relationship between
website redesign and digital marketing is.

Here are some of the most important things to consider if you want to turbocharge your
digital marketing with a website redesign.

Put user experience first

Given the technology available, it is easy to see website design as a competition to create
the most stunning, sophisticated, interactive, multi-sensory online experience possible. But
while a little wow factor never harms, think first and foremost about what your site is for, and
what you want visitors to do on it.

Trying to be too clever can end up being detrimental - navigation might become tricky, too
much multimedia content might slow down page load speeds and so on. The main goals of a
website are to attract lots of visitors who come back again and again, and to convert page
hits into sales. The best way to achieve both is to create a site that is as functional as it is

Optimise for search

This is the staple of digital marketing which most people focus on when it comes to site
redesigns. What is often missed about SEO, however, is that good optimisation practice
goes far beyond getting the keywords right for different landing pages, keeping content fresh
and avoiding duplication. In fact, good SEO on a redesigned website will touch more or less
everything associated with a sound digital marketing strategy.

With mobile now becoming the dominant medium in web browsing, load speeds are more
important than ever. Speed is both a contributory factor in SEO rankings and a key
consideration for UX. Your search rankings will also be boosted by the number and quality of
the links you have to your site, and this is where an integrated social media strategy can
have an enormous impact.


Capture user data

Securing repeat business and high conversions often depends on forming a bond with your
customers, by communicating with them directly and being able to offer special offers and
incentives etc. A website redesign is the perfect opportunity to review your data capture
processes - what opportunities does your site make available for visitors to provide details,
and are the incentives clear or attractive enough?

Reflect your brand values

Finally, it is important that your new website stays true to the core principles of branding - to
convey, in the aesthetics, layout and small details of design, the values you want people to
associate with your brand. Cutting corners on design can leave you with a site that looks
amateurish, which will put people off making purchases. Remember, these are instant, often
emotional judgements people make. If you want to win trust as a quality, market-leading
brand, your site has to earn that in the way it looks.

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Written by Matt Townsend January of 2018