If you're trying to improve your site's position in search engines, how you rank against your competitors is something to consider. A site’s ranking in search determines its position on a results page. Typically, the higher you appear for a relevant search term for your business, the more traffic you gain.

But there are numerous ways of measuring ranking. We can access measurements and data from many providers. It’s wise to spread your bets, which is where Majestic SEO’s new Majestic Million comes into play.

About the Majestic Million

The Majestic Million has been devised by Majestic SEO, a link tracking provider. Majestic SEO is in the business of measuring backlinks and referrers on the web. The more links a site has, and the more authentic those sources are, the more important Majestic SEO thinks it is. 

The Majestic Million is a list of the million most ‘important’ sites on the web, and the list is compiled using Majestic SEO’s statistics. For digital marketing agencies like us, it offers some interesting insight: 

  • You can see your site’s position, if it’s ranked within the top Million
  • Crucially, you can also see the sites immediately above and below your own
  • Majestic shows their position over time: the number of places they have risen, or fallen, in the list
  • We can compile custom lists of sites: you vs. your competitors, for example
  • The data is extremely fresh, and updates several times a day

So what does it all mean for your business?

Putting the Majestic Million to Work

We’re a full service digital agency in Cheshire. We work with a range of businesses. One day, we might be working with a start-up; the next, with a global brand.

By scanning the Majestic Million, we can see whether a site is already considered important on the web: if it is, it’s probably already somewhere in the top million. That means you’re on the right trajectory, and we can work hard to sustain your place. If you’re not ranking in the top million, we know we have more work to do.

Additionally, we can see at-a-glance how many incoming links a site has. If the figure is red, we know that we’re losing links. If it’s green, we’re gaining. By measuring the overall trend, we can demonstrate success, or choose a new tactic. 

It’s important to point out that being in the ‘top million’ is actually a big achievement. We think there are around a billion websites currently live on the web. So if you hit the Majestic Million, you should boost your profile by including a Majestic Million rosette on your site.

Measuring Success

Our Cheshire digital marketing agency helps to boost brand visibility using a combination of optimisation, branding and rank-tracking technologies. By looking at Majestic Millions, we have a clear way to see how your site is performing among the competition, and we can find new ways to generate high quality links from authoritative sites.

It’s just one of the ways that our experienced team measures and delivers results.

If you want to know if you’re in the Majestic Million, or you simply want link building support, get in touch with the digital marketing team at Ultimate Creative. Call 01565 651 589 today.

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Written by Joel Darlington July of 2016