Cheshire has a long and ancient history in business and commerce. More than a millenium before the present county even got its name, the pre-Roman tribes that lived in the area started mining and trading salt from places like Middlewich, Northwich and Nantwich (the Anglo-Saxon word wic for salt market later gave these towns their names).

Cheshire SEO Agency

Bringing things bang up to date in the 21st Century, while Chester in the west of the county serves as one of the UK’s premier tourist destinations, to the east a brand new sector has taken root and flourished - professional digital services.

Ideally located just a stone’s throw away from the major commercial centres of Liverpool and Manchester, east Cheshire is a perfect place for innovative start-ups offering services in areas like website development, digital marketing, online branding, ecommerce and many more. As these services relate largely to the virtual online world, there is not the same need as there once was for business service providers to be located on the doorstep of their clients. 

Able to base themselves outside of the big cities, these businesses can gain the advantage of lower overheads, which they are then able to pass on to clients in the form of lower prices.

At Ultimate, for example, from our base in the town of Knutsford south-west of Manchester, we serve a large and diverse client base locally, regionally and across the country. One of our most in-demand services is search engine optimisation (SEO), as every business nowadays understands the need to secure those top-place Google rankings so audiences can find them online.

Search engine marketing is an ideal example of a ‘location independent’ service. You don’t have to be anywhere in particular to improve the content and layout of a website to make it more search engine friendly, or to create keyword / search phrase campaigns to boost visibility. As it all happens online, we hear of people offering SEO services as they travel around the world.

We’re not taking things quite that far. From our base, we are still within touching distance of the majority of our client, yet removed just far enough out of the city to get the benefits of lower costs. We also have the benefit of being able to offer clients a pleasant drive out into the country to come to meet us.

That is why SEO agencies are thriving in Cheshire, along with a wide range of other digital marketing and commercial services. Long may this latest chapter in the county’s industrial history continue.

To find out more about SEO and our full range of digital marketing services, contact the Ultimate team today.

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Written by Emma Puzylo November of 2018