Whether your existing brand is in dire need of a refresh or if you’re starting up a completely new venture, Ultimate is the best branding agency to turn to in Manchester. Why? Because we are renowned for our attention to detail, ability to comprehend and execute the most complex of briefs and wonderful creativity. With the audience always front of mind, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to connect and engage. Here are just a few reasons why Ultimate is one of the best branding agencies in Manchester.

Why Ultimate Is One Of The Best Branding Agencies In Manchester

Getting The Most Out Of Brand Workshops

One of the highlights of any Ultimate project is the brand workshop. Lively, thorough and certainly enlightening, it’s all about getting to the heart of your brand, understanding where you are now and where you want to be. We discuss how you see yourself in the market and what it is about other brands that you like that draws you in. The workshop involves about bit more than just sitting around a table as we like to get you up, moving and working through different exercises, encouraging you to make some real decisions about the future of your brand.

Following a brand workshop, our experienced account managers will write up an expansive brief detailing everything we’ve learnt about your brand. It’s a brilliant opportunity for you to check that we’ve totally understood your brand, and offer any additional comments that you might have forgotten in the excitement of the brand workshop. This exercise is key to our process, allowing you to see that we have fully understood your brand.

A key reason why Ultimate is one of the best branding agencies in Manchester is our eagerness to collaborate with each other. We don’t work in silos. You can expect key representatives from every relevant department to be in that brand workshop, each offering their own unique expertise and insight.


Nailing The Brand Messaging

We consider ourselves to be pretty good at taking complex propositions and translating them into marketing messaging that a non-industry specialist can understand. When you’re deeply embedded in a brand and live and breathe it every single day, it can be difficult to see how it’s perceived from an outside perspective. We’re all guilty of using confusing industry jargon on occasion!

Ultimate have plenty of experience in playing translator. Over the years, we’ve transformed the messaging of clients across a wide array of sectors, including the finance, technology and chemical industries. Having done our industry research and spent time getting to know you in the brand workshop, we’ll help explain your business proposition, mission and values in terms that someone coming in contact with you for the very first time will understand.

That messaging then informs the direction of our creative work, ensuring the two support each other perfectly.


Taking You Beyond The Branding

Brand messaging refined to perfection and stunning creative produced, it’s time to get your brand out there and in front of your target audience. As an integrated digital and design agency. Ultimate are the ideal partner to do this.

We can design and build you a website that conveys your brand messages through a mix of eye-catching visuals, engaging content and responsive design. With our technical expertise at integrating with existing systems, there’s nothing stopping you from embracing your new brand wholeheartedly throughout the business.

Our experienced digital marketing team will then ensure your website gets seen by the right people. Whether that’s done through an SEO, PPC or social media campaign, or any other marketing channel, they know how to get transformative results.

Ultimate is one of the best branding agencies in Manchester because we’re always thinking about how to push your brand that one step further, making the most of emerging technologies without losing sight of the basics.

Written by Anna Carruthers July of 2019