Websites quickly expire and go out of date in the ever-changing online landscape. An old, dysfunctional site can have a damaging impact on your brand and online presence, so you may take the decision to update or rebuild your website. A web design agency can save you heaps of time and energy, leading the way with their unrivalled expertise and insight. Here are some of the benefits of enlisting an agency for your web design and related services.


Bespoke Website Design



Web Design agencies won’t use standard off-the shelf templates, as their in-house developers will create websites with a bespoke design that suits their client’s needs and brand vision. This means that your website design won’t look like anything else on the market and make you stand out against your competitors.


Website CMS Training



Web Design Agencies can offer businesses in-depth CMS training following building your website. If you aren’t clued up on what CMS stands for, don’t worry we all know acronyms can be mind-boggling at times. CMS refers to a content-management system which you need in order to manage the pages and content on your website. CMS training offered by web design agencies is ideal for businesses who want to independently manage the content and blog on their site. Although this training may entail an additional cost to your business, looking to the future it will prevent you from incurring extra costs in the future by being far more self-reliant.


Ongoing Technical Support

Web design Agencies may  offer you a retainer arrangement, which means that you have dedicated time booked in every week or month to make changes or updates as and when you need them and fix any technical issues you come across in the future with your site can easily be rectified within your retainer budget. The retainer budget with your agency will also cover any necessary updates to your website making sure it is completely up to date. Clients often discover that a retainer option is a manageable, highly cost effective way of managing their sites, as opposed to approaching a web design agency with a site that is 1 or 2 years old and in need of significant, time-consuming updates.



Web design agencies often have a specialist SEO team who can get involved right from the offset of your website design. This ensures that you get a design that actively works to promote your content by being search engine friendly, meaning that the team will work hard to drive traffic to your site and not just anyone, but the most relevant people for your business.  

Website User Experience Testing



If you decide to work with a web design agency with UX experts, this can really boost the usability of your site in order to maximise your conversions. User experience refers to how an individual feels when using a product or service, in this case when they’re navigating through different areas of your website.


UX allows you to discover if visitors find this process enjoyable and straightforward, or encounter issues and feel frustrated or confused.  A UX expert will determine who your ideal customer is, and then examine their journey around the website to complete certain actions, using a variety of usability techniques including website analytics, real-time multivariant testing,  heatmaps and video recordings to monitor visitors reactions to the website’s format and presentation, pinpointing particular pain points and make qualified improvements.


Heat mapping for instance, is tool used by web design agencies that gives a visual representation of the areas of your site that receive the most clicks by visitors. This allows you to analyse whether your website visitors are being drawn to the right areas of your site and where they may be having issues.


PPC Expertise



Some web design agencies may also offer digital marketing offerings, such as PPC support where PPC campaigns will be run on your behalf and handle bid management. Business advertisers bid on keywords that are relevant to their business, if you are a family legal firm your web design agency would be targeting keywords relating to queries about divorce and child maintenance for example.


screencapture-ads-google-aw-overview-2018-11-08-14_56_39 (1)The management of this by your web design agency will ensure that an allocated budget for keywords isn’t being exceeded and that keywords are backed up by thorough research and updated regularly.  PPC is great for your business as it targets your audience at a pivotal moment in the buyer’s journey. At this point, they are actively searching for your product or service, so it is the perfect opportunity for your website to appear at the top of the search engine results.


Building a Responsive Site


image1 (4)The developers in a website design agency will ensure that your new site is responsive across desktop, tablet and smartphones, which is a highly crucial factor in this digital age. Agencies find that more and more their client’s customers are accessing their sites with a mobile or tablet rather than desktop.

With a responsive design, your website layout reformats so that it becomes simpler and more easily navigable for smaller devices. In the past, sites would lead users to a ‘mobile only’ version of the site, now users expect to enter a site and for it to adapt to what device they’re using. Web design agencies will build responsivity into every stage of the web design, rather than treating it as an afterthought.

As a result of responsivity, the user’s experience is vastly improved and they are likely to remain on your site. A responsive site can also actively benefit a business through SEO as Google now includes mobile sensitivity as a ranking category. Responsive sites ultimately provide a higher ROI for businesses as web users are far more likely to remain on the site and subsequently, convert.


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Written by Lydia Daniels November of 2018